Our Mental Resilience Training Course provides
proven techniques to handle all that
work and life throws at you.

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"This book is something to pick up when you need to deal
with whatever life throws at you"

"Explains life-changing concepts and techniques in
easy to understand language”


Your business will benefit from improved
performance and an increase in turnover

Self Esteem

Once learnt our practical techniques become part of each
person, changing their thinking and behaviour
for a lifetime

The Mental Resilience Expert

Mental Resilience is the ability to recover and bounce back from adversity and hardships, feeling stronger and more capable to cope than ever before.


Delivering Exceptional Coaching, Training and Speaking – Unlock Your Full Potential

This presentation on Mental Resilience will help increase your team’s effectiveness within your business, leaving delegates motivated and ready to achieve success in their own fields. Your team will become more resilient to survive the challenging times and rebound from them with a more positive attitude.More Speaking
Our training workshops have been created to deliver practical techniques to improve staff motivation, confidence and communication. Delegates will learn the skills needed to maximise team performance and increase turnover to lasting effect.

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Whether you are a corporate executive, an entrepreneur, or simply someone who wants to bolster their self-confidence, 1-to-1 coaching can have a positive effect on a wide variety of people. Learn to develop your specific goals and to move confidently towards achieving them.
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The profession of training, speaking and coaching has enjoyed enormous growth in the past several years for one simple reason – it works.

At JD Mindcoach we help individuals and teams to improve their thinking, performance and ultimately their results.

For this to happen it helps to have someone who is experienced, trained and understands the environments that they are called to work in – John Dabrowski is that man. As a qualified NLP practitioner and coach John has enjoyed success in both a professional sporting and executive business career and has now turned his hand to enabling others to unlock their full potential.


“John was hired as the keynote speaker at the East Yorkshire Business Expo 2012 – and what a great choice he turned out to be. John is a genius, and a master of the platform, He’s funny, inspirational and totally engaging.”

North East Expo

“Fantastic training, really powerful & brilliantly delivered which couldn’t have come at a better time. I really enjoyed this training and I think it will be brilliant for both professional & personal issues.”

Wiltshire Probation Trust

“I hired John to inspire and motivate my team at a recent team day. His presentation was based on mental toughness and with a fantastic mixture of inspiring stories and theoretical content.”

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Book now Launched

“Explains life-changing concepts and techniques in easy to understand language”

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NatWest Bank

“It was great fun and thought provoking; the session is still with me today. It was excellent and motivational I enjoy these kinds of sessions. I found it useful as the things spoken about can be applied to everyday situations.”

Rotary Club

“The presentation was professional, the content outstanding and your presentation skills were first class, it was the best presentation I have ever seen and the point of Mental Toughness really came through with flying colours.”

Barnsley NHS

“Excellent presentation one of the best sessions/talks I have heard. Very thought provoking, motivational and provided a focus to meet challenges. The talk should be made available to a wider audience of the Trust staff.”

Nottinghamshire Probation Trust

“A very impressive workshop, with an excellent range of practical Mental Resilience techniques, to help individuals cope better when they are under stress and thrive whilst under pressure.”

Professional Speaking Association

“John delivered a great speech, with plenty of enthusiasm, accuracy and entertainment. John has his own unique style which came over extremely well and it was a pleasure to watch him on stage.”